Drone photography harnessing the power of a modern smartphone
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Expensive Photography drones are a thing of the past. Why use a DJI drone’s camera when you got an iPhone XS? At StratoSnap we want to make aerial photography much more accessible for the average smartphone user. StratoSnap is a fully Autonomous Drone capable of utilizing your smartphone camera to capture memories on your next adventure.


StratoSnap's compact design allows you to bring it on your adventures. It can be easily be disassembled and stored in traveling gear then assembled again when at a picturesque spot.


StratoSnap can reach heights optimal for aeriel photography with its automated take off, flight, and landing modes. It utilizes machine learning and image processing to capture the clearest shots

Easy To Use

Simply attach your phone using the gimbal and tune your photo preferences. Leave the camera balancing and stabalization to StratoSnap. No need to port over picutres from your SD card, your pictures are saved on your phone


Unlike expensive photography drones which include a high quality camera, sensors, and other components, StratoSnap harnesses the fantastic hardware already found on modern Smartphones to make these drones much more accessible. StratoSnap provides an easy-to-use drone smarphone case capable of carrying and stabilizing your smartphone for aerial photography. The attachment communicates with your smartphone via bluetooth using the StratoSnap iOS application. The user would simply input the desired settings in the mobile application, snap it on to the drone and hold it for take off. StratoSnap will then fly to the desired position and take the pictures using facial detection and other various computer vision techniques to capture the optimal image. Once the pictures are taken the drone will return to its original position for retreival.


Week 1

Development of first prototype

Week 2

Flight controller tuning

Week 3

Auto-pilot development

Week 4

StratoSnap App Development

Week 5

Gimbal Integration

Week 6

Development of smaller drone

Week 7

PID Tuning Small Frame

Week 8

Testing with the fully integrated drone

Week 9

Symposium Week

Our Team

We are all 4th year Mechatronics Engineering Students at the University of Waterloo.

Abhishek Ravi

Computer Vision and Software

Tim Liu

Embedded Systems

Martin Hsueh

Mechanical Design

Abdulhadi Mohamed

Electrical Design

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